Thanks to the advantageous position in a valley basin, the cure and spa town of Meran features a Mediterranean climate and southern vegetation. The combination of palm trees, cypresses, oleander trees and olive trees in the valley, surrounded by alpine mountain scenery is extra charming.

Meran became popular as a health resort in the 19th century. Scientists and doctors valued the mild Mediterranean climate and the pure air, which was especially favourable for healing lung illnesses. Goat milk and grape cures were also offered.
The city is especially proud of popular guests like Empress Sissi and Franz Kafka.

Symbols of the city are the Kurhaus, located at the Passer Promenade. The Thermal Baths offer fun in water and relaxation, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Caslte a floral discovery tour. Numerous other castles and museums and the Christmas Market attract many visitors too.

With almost 40,000 inhabitants, Meran is the second-biggest city in South Tyrol after the capital of Bozen.

Tips in Meran and surroundings:
  • The Thermal Baths of Meran do not only impress with their architecture, but also with a vast offer and a large park.
  • Strolling, browsing and shopping… under the archways in Meran.
  • Flower beds and greens are scattered everywhere in Meran and give the city a green character and charm. Plants and flower beds are present in each corner: Meran is therefore also known as the Garden City.
  • The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle – declared the most beautiful gardens in the world a few years ago – surprise you with a sea of colours and various plants. They are a masterpiece of the Garden City.
  • The Touriseum , located in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, offers a time journey through the history of South Tyrol.
  • The Tessa Group Nature Park features 33 ha and is the biggest nature resort in South Tyrol. On the Meran Alpine Trail with a length of almost 100 km you can hike through the entire Tessa Mountain Group. The Spronser Lakes provide a special highlight.
  • The most important horse races of the Italian racing season, and the most exciting races ever take place on the horse-race course Meran: the hurdle races.
  • From a cultural point of view, Meran awaits you with the Meran Music Weeks, the Garden Nights, the Grape Festival, theatres and art exhibitions.