Dorf Tirol near Meran, the Tessa Group Nature Park, and the surroundings provide a true paradise for hikers. From our Hotel Garni Schönbrunn, you can start a different tour with new viewpoints and adventures every day. We especially recommend the following hikes:
  • Theme trails: Falkner trail, Apple trail, Culture trail, Wine trail, Panorama trail – combine hiking with a topic of your choice.
  • Irrigation channels: these channels once served as an irrigation system for the fields, the path beside the water channel for the owners to maintain the irrigation system. Today, a walk along these irrigation channels provides a very special experience.
  • Mutspitz is the main mountain of Dorf Tirol.
  • Hiking over alpine pastures: the options are simply unlimited.
  • The Meran Alpine Trail is said to be one of the most beautiful round hiking trails in South Tyrol. It leads along the border of the Tessa Group Nature Park and represents a 100 km long round tour of the Tessa Mountain Group at an almost consistent altitude of approx. 1400 metres.
  • Avelengo, Meran 2000 and the Hirzer area also feature innumerable hiking trails and routes.
  • Take the bus to Val Passiria – to Saltaus or St. Martin, and walk back to Meran along the river shore. The chair lift will bring you back to the village of Dorf Tirol.
  • Wonderful hikes are also possible in Val Venosta: discover Juval Castle, Val Senales, Churburg Castle, the Watles adventure mountain, and more.