Dorf Tirol is a sunny holiday paradise at the entry to Meran. Only a 5 minute drive and 3 km from the cure and spa town of Meran, the village of Dorf Tirol is located on a sunny plateau. Extra charming is a journey with the chair lift directly to the centre of Meran.

The alpine-Mediterranean Dorf Tirol stretches from the suburbs of Meran, at an altitude of about 600 m, high up to the Tessa Group Nature Park with the Spronser Lakes at 2500 m. Thanks to this difference in altitude, the village features some varied and contrasting vegetation with vineyards, cypresses, palm trees and oleander in the valley, and alpine flowers and needle forest in the altitudes.

The symbol of the village with 2500 inhabitants is Dorf Tirol Castle, the former residence of the Earls of Tirol, who lent their name to the region. Today, the castle hosts the South Tyrolean Museum for Culture and History.

Tips in Dorf Tirol and surroundings:
  • Dorf Tirol Castle, former residence of the Earls of Dorf Tirol; hosts the South Tyrolean Museum for Culture and History, and is definitely worth a visit. Not far from the castle you can also admire pyramids.
  • Directly adjacent to the castle there is the Gufyland, a Bird Centre, which cares for helpless and injured birds, rehabilitates them, and releases them afterwards. If it's not possible to release them again, they find their fixed living space in the centre and amaze visitors during flight shows. An educational path with many information boards and aviaries tells us more about the life of birds of prey.
  • Also worth a visit are the so-called Muthöfe farms located at the slopes of Mutkopf. These are amongst the oldest farms in the area of Meran. The history goes back to the Middle Ages. Still today, living in this steep terrain there is a lot of handwork and deprivation.
  • To the north-west of Dorf Tirol near Meran there is one of the biggest high-alpine lake districts at 2500 m of altitude: the ten Spronser Lakes, which provide the water supply for almost the entire Meran and surroundings area. Due to the altitude, some snow may be also found in summer, but flora and fauna are simply unique.
  • Culture in Dorf Tirol: be enchanted by Tyrolean Spring Culture, Castle Christmas at Dorf Tirol Castle, the soirees at Dorf Tirol Castle, and VinoCulti.